Why You Need A Business Website

Did you know that only about 64% of small businesses have a website?  That percentage is absolutely staggering.  A website not only allows your business to look professional to potential customers, but it also gives your business an online presence.  That is absolutely crucial to the expansion of your business.


75% of consumers admit to making judgments on a company’s credibility based on the company’s website design.”


A company website informs potential customers of your existence and importance.  While this may seem very fundamental, looking important can convert potential customers to use your business.  Without a website, your business will be missing a large customer base.  Acquiring a website will cost some money to create, as well as up-keep, but it will be well worth the expense.

Consider the image displayed below.  This illustrates the difference between a poorly designed website and an exceptionally designed one.  Notice how the one on the right takes advantage of a color scheme, and the layout is very neat.  The website on the left has too much going on at once.  It is not clear what a user should even click on or interact with.  Customers will look at this website and leave it just as quickly as they came.

Business Website - Bad vs Good

If you desire to have an online presence and need to establish your credibility as a business, you should consider hiring a web designer.  Just installing WordPress and using a simplistic theme does not display your credibility.  Businesses need a custom designed website; templates simply do not measure up.  When deciding on the importance of getting a company website, you need to consider all that a website can offer your business in the long run.


Websites, if designed properly, will engage your potential customers and attract them.  An intelligent web designer knows where to place elements (text, images, buttons, content, etc.) on the page in order to get a user to perform a specific action. This practice is also known as Conversion Rate Optimization.  As an example, this practice would be useful to direct customers to a submission form on an insurance company’s website.  This would give the company useful information for potential leads.

Collecting email addresses for newsletters, or even clicking a button to direct to another page on the website can ultimately get you more customers in the long run.  All of this solely depends on what your website is optimized to do by the web designer.

Business Website - CRO

Solely desiring to have an online presence should not be the only reason to have a professional website for your business.  Sure, just having a basic online presence is great and all, but in order to attract more customers, you need to have a specific goal for your website in order for it to be a meaningful investment.  Make sure to always inform the designer of this goal at the very beginning.


“Average smartphone conversion rates are up 64% compared to desktop conversion rates.”


Not only do the desktop versions of websites need to engage your potential customers, but the mobile version needs to as well.  Smartphones are being used everywhere by just about everyone.  Yet, only 17% of small businesses have a website that looks professional on both mobile and desktop displays.  This is a huge deal because 57% of internet users won’t even recommend a website that is not designed appropriately for mobile devices!  Websites do not make or break your business, but if you want a meaningful online presence, get it done correctly the first time.


“By 2021, global retail ecommerce sales will reach $4.5 trillion.”

(Shopify Plus, 2018) (Source: https://www.hubspot.com/marketing-statistics)

Whether your website is an e-commerce store or simply advertises your physical business, websites make sales.  Most people are ordering products through desktop or mobile devices in this day and age.  Potential customers are even searching Google for information about businesses.  There is just no way around it.  Use this to your advantage!  Websites are a tool to pull in your customers in order to lock down more sales, whether it’s online or at a physical location.

Business Website - E-Commerce Sales Graph

In our highly technological world, it is very important to have an online presence!  With the number of sales online increasing as the years go on, your business should be taking advantage of this useful tool.  So, what is stopping you from getting a website? 


Google is responsible for 94% of total organic traffic.

(Web Presence Solutions, 2017) (Source: https://www.hubspot.com/marketing-statistics)

Having a website gives you visibility on Google, and this is crucial to the discovery of your business.  Without being able to be found on Google, how will customers be able to find your business?  Luckily, web designers know how to get your website found when clients are searching for your business!  This practice is known as Search Engine Optimization, and it can be improved over a variety of ways.  It includes how content is worded on your website, how secure your website is, etc.  Improving all of this can help your customers trust your site as well!

Your business should show up in some way when a potential customer searches for it.  Having a business Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn allows your business to show up multiple times on Google and increases the chances of a potential customer finding you. 


When deciding on whether or not to purchase a website, keep in mind all the benefits it would have for your business.  Not only does having a professional website give you an online presence, but it also displays your credibility as a business.  Converting potential customers into actual customers can be as easy as getting them in front of your website, and this will increase your total sales overall.  Become visible for your target market and hire us today!